Jonas Åkerlund Directs Two New Chart-Toppers with Fergie and U2’s Latest Singles

Director Jonas Åkerlund’s latest projects are back-to-back music videos: pop Dutchess Fergie’s “A Little Work” and iconic rock band U2’s “The Best Thing About Me.” For Fergie, Jonas helmed an 11-minute tale of struggle and redemption that tells the story of her drugg-addled spiral prior to her career-making break with The Black Eyed Peas.

Billboard calls

the triumphant ballad “beautifully shot,” saying, “Jonas Åkerlund is no stranger to pop videos with strong narrative elements.”

For U2’s love letter, “You Are the Best Thing About Me,” Jonas takes the band on a tour of New York City, the setting where they played their first U.S. club gig nearly four decades ago. Though the single was written for Bono’s wife, Ali, the band said ( the video also serves as “a visual tapestry of tribute to New York and a serenade to the city’s iconic symbols of American compassion and liberty.”